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Our Story

we now deal in almost all cannabis strains and cannabis-related products like vaporizers, edibles, flowers, oil and more. We began in Colorado Springs in 2002 with a simple curiosity about the impact of cannabinoids on pain and other active components of cannabis, as well as their significance in pain reduction and also to derive pleasant enjoyment in consuming the edibles. We’ve learned throughout the years that using cannabis research to develop solutions to numerous health conditions like pain, sores, and cancer agony is less expensive and more effective than using synthetic drugs. We are currently a shareholder in the Colorado Board for Cannabinoids Research and an active member of the National Cancer Institute.


We currently have farms in most US states, as well as tiny farms and indoor labs in the Netherlands, Amsterdam, and Spain. Our products are entirely hand-grown and lab tested in our own property labs, ensuring a steady supply of top-of-the-line, lab-tested goods.

Weed Plug Shop
Weed Plug Shop

Our Vision

Our point of view has never altered. With its roots in the simple tagline “purchase cannabis locally,” we’ve always imagined a world where cannabis might be a free meal for everyone or at the very least as easy to order as pizza. We continue to work toward that goal, hoping that as our technologies evolve from product to distribution chain, we will be able to reach out to an increasing number of people in need.