Do-Si-Dos – 1ct




Do-Si-Dos – 1ct

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THC: 20.05%

Well known in the cannabis space for a good reason Do Si Dos (Dosi for short) is a powerhouse cross of OGKB and Face Off OG genetics. Unlike most GSC crosses Dosi favors the Face Off OG Genetics presenting less of a classic cookies flavor and more of a dank earthiness mixed with fermented fruits.

Do Si Dos is known for being both potent and instilling heavy couch-lock on users as its effects wash over the consumer’s body like a warm wave. Each calyx is perfectly stack on the colas which are cover in frosty trichomes covering the light green flower and even the darker fan leaves. As a strong indica dominant hybrid this cultivar is best enjoy with relaxation in mind.



Cannabinoids are naturally occurring chemical compounds that are found in cannabis and provide consumers with a wide range of effects. THC and CBD are examples of some of the most commonly known cannabinoids.


Edibles are create either by infusing cooking oil or butter with cannabis extract, or by mixing extract directly into other ingredients. Because edibles are digest and absorb by your stomach and liver, the activation is often longer than other consumption methods, taking on average 45 minutes, and sometimes up to 2 hours. It is important to start low and slow when consuming edibles so you don’t over do it. 1906 is name for the last time cannabis was nationally accept as a beneficial, versatile medicine.

Bliss is formulate from one of the greatest happy drugs of all time: Kanna, also known as Sceletium tortuosum. Kanna works well on its own, and doubles down on euphoria when paired with cannabis.


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